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Flatbush Holiday Accommodation

6 Cloghfin Place,
Flatbush, Auckland 2019

Self Check in procedure – ROOM "Unit - L6"

Step 1: You would have received a text from us to the link to open the lock box where the access card and room key is kept. If you don’t receive an SMS 24 hrs prior to your check-in, then pls contact us immediately. Please follow the instructions on the SMS sent.

(You will need Wi-Fi to open the locker, if you don’t then a temporary Wi-Fi access is on the left hand side of the box)

Step 2: Once you have obtained the swipe card and your room key the following steps guide you to your room.

Step 3: Flatbush Holiday Accommodation consists of three properties

(a) 6 Cloghfin Place, Flatbush - Cloghfin Residence
(b) 3 Creggan Crescent ,Flatbush (2 minutes drive from the above) - Creggan Residence
(c) 17 Casheltown Way, Flatbush ( 1 min drive from (a) ) - Casheltown Residence

Your room is located at (b) 3 Creggan Crescent, Flatbush.

Step 4: Locate the accommodation at 3 Creggan Crescent, Flatbush.

Step 5: Hold your swipe tag over the black panel of the door where it states card. The door will beep and unlock. (this may take 1 -3 seconds). Then open the door. Close the door. and ensure it clicks shut. The door locks automatically.

Step 6: Walk up to the dining area. Turn left at the double doors and proceed through.

Step 7: On your left you will find the two bedroom unit.

Wi-Fi, full accommodation instructions and location of facilities is in the Guest Services folder in your room. Please read this carefully. Enjoy your stay.

Express Self Check out procedure? The Guest Services folder has your full "Express Self-Checkout" procedures detailed

Need to know more?

Any queries phone +64 9 869 5813 (Support line closes between midnight to 7:00 am)

Alternately message on WhatsApp - Lyle +64 22 3836805 | Imran +64 22 047 9963
OR press the buzz next to the main door which will connect to us