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Self Check-In 

To keep accommodation costs down and in turn give great value room charges, we operate a self check-in procedure. Our team are often on hand between 3-10pm to help and assist however your key must be retrieved from the Sharebox by your link which is sent by SMS (TXT). The following video clip guides steps by step procedure. By using our Sharebox, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.

Here are the 6 Simple Steps on our check-in process:

(1) Guests makes a booking.

(2) You will be sent out an SMS/TXT within 24 hrs prior to your check-in.

 You will receive an SMS in the following format

Message from Flat Bush Holiday Accommodation :
You can now pick up the key to room "Room #" in the Sharebox at 6 Cloghfin Place, Flatbush, Auckland.

To open the locker press the link below and enter the 3 digit location id, found on the cabinet:

Get Google Maps directions to the cabinet here:

Complete Self-Check-In Form here:

Locate your room here:
<a href="">https://www.flatbushaccommodat......

(3) You will need to complete our self check-in form.

(4) On your arrival , you will see our Sharebox where your swipe tag and room key is kept by the main door. Please click the link you have received on your SMS and enter 3 digit code shown on the Sharebox screen on the top of cabinet.

(5) The Sharebox lock opens. Once you obtain the key, please close it.

(6) You will have to locate the room using the "locate your room " link. this is very important as this guides you to step by step procedure to locate your room

Frequently Asked Check-In Questions:

(1) What's Sharebox?

Sharebox is a super simple key lock box and lets you pick up your rooms keys with your mobile phone at any time. It is fast and efficient. 

(2) Can Self check-in instructions be sent only by SMS/TXT ? Can this be sent by email? WhatsApp?

Yes, the self check-in instruction can ONLY be sent by SMS/TXT. We cannot send by email or any other form of communication. The system works off the location based services on your phone when you are standing in front of the Sharebox. Sharebox may be able to add other form of communication in the future.  

(3) Our flight lands after mid-night, Can I check-in late?

Yes of course. Use the easy self check-in process and you can check in any time. 

(4) Can I check-in early?

Yes, You can check in earlier however there is early check in charges that apply in addition to your room rate. Your early arrival time must be notified to Flatbush Holiday Accommodation prior to your arrival, as we need to ensure the cleaning of the room is completed. Our nightly charge is based on the period from 3pm to 10am the following day. You cannot obtain early check in before 12 noon (Midday) as guests from the night before are only checking out at 10am. We do not do day room hire.

(5) What's the purpose of self check-in form? Will my information be shared anywhere?

The purpose of this form is for three reasons. Firstly it is to verify that the correct person is checking in, who's name is on the booking. The second reason is for Health and Safety purposes. Lastly it is to ensure we have your correct details while here in New Zealand so we can get hold of you if needed, or in the case of an emergency. It is compulsory for every guest. 

Your Self Check-in from should be done before you arrive, just like a check in for an airline. Once done, you do not have to do when you arrive, so it makes your check in super fast and easy. Make sure that once you have completed your self check-in form that you click "submit" otherwise you will need to redo this on arrival as we will not have a record of it. 

This information is confidential and not used for any other purpose and we do not store these details long term. 

(6) I do not have internet access on my mobile when I arrive at the accommodation. How do I access the link and enter 3 digit code?

Easy! - We have a special FREE WIFI code on the Sharebox cabinet that you can connect to and complete your check in.

(7) I did not receive my self check-in instructions via SMS. What do I need to do?

If you are checking in between 3pm and 10pm there will be someone here to assist most days. If outside these times please check your SMS/TXT messages or your email folder (check spam as well). This has full instructions for check-in outside reception hours. If you have not received either you must contact us to ensure you are able to check-in. 

(8) I'm not good at these modern tech processes. How do I check-in?

While we encourage you to check in using our smart and easy self check-in system, if you find that daunting, then we can assist. If you are checking in between 3pm and 10pm there will be someone here to assist most days. If you are not going to use self check in, or checking in outside these times you must contact us to ensure you are able to check in.

(9) My overseas phone number does not work in NZ. What do I need to do?

Please contact us as soon as possible with an alternative number, so we can ensure you are able to check in. If you are checking in between 3pm and 10pm there will be someone here to assist most days.

(10) Will I be charged to receive your SMS?

We do not charge for the SMS/TXT. Your standard mobile plan charges may apply. 

(11) I open the Sharebox link when I receive my SMS and it's a blank page. What do I need to do now?

The Sharebox link may only work in NZ on your arrival date.

(12) I will be picked up by your team, Do I need to have SMS/TXT message?

No - if you have booked a pick up service from us then the driver that picks you up will assist you on arrival and process your check in