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When you come to stay with us, by default, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. At the time of finalising your booking you will be prompted to agree to these. If there are any questions,  please do not hesitate to call us any time during opening hours (10am to 10pm) and we can help you...



The wi-fi code works throughout the premises and is complimentary for your entire stay.

Check-in and Check-out times

Guest check-in is from 3.00pm to 10.00pm and check-out from your room is 10.00am. Early check in can be arranged but must be confirmed prior to your arrival. Late check-outs are subject to availability and extra fees. It must be arranged at time of check-in.

Cancellation Policy 

Our policy is easy and simple to understand. 100% of paid prepayments | payments are refundable when cancelled 5 days before arrival or earlier. If cancelled within 5 days of arrival the booking is non refundable. This applies to all booking types no matter when they are booked including last minute bookings. 

Quiet Zone

We operate a quiet zone from 11pm to 6am throughout the Homestay. Please ensure that this time is respected to ensure guests can maximise the time to relax and rest. Occasionally there will be late guest check-in due to flight arrival times, and we will endeavour to be as quiet and efficient as possible.


All rooms and common areas are NON SMOKING|VAPING as well as outdoor decks.  Additional charges, and a future "Not allowed to stay" reference will apply for evidence of smoking within the rooms and littering. It's against the law for guests to damage, disconnect or remove a smoke alarm. That includes removing the batteries (unless it's to immediately replace expired batteries). Any tampering of smoke alarms will be reported to the Police. 

Keys/ Swipe tags

Please keep your room Key and Swipe Card with you at all times. For security purposes please ensure you lock all doors and windows when leaving your room. Lost or unreturned key/ swipe cards will attract a fee of $50.00 per set.


For security reasons all entry/exit door are an auto lock door so every time you go out and close the door it will lock automatically. All Entry/Exit doors are under 24 hour video surveillance and a recording of all entry and exits are automatically kept on file for a 24-hour period. This system is to ensure the safety and protection of all guests and the property in general. Guests WILL be asked for identification on arrival to verify your booking and that you are the person that has booked or that the accommodation is for. A passport/drivers licence is preferred or alternately a photo identification card. No ID = No Entry to the accommodation. There are no exceptions to this.

pre-authorisation bond

A minimum $50.00 preauthorisation will be applied - at check in - for any reservation not made on our website, irrespective of the type of payment on the booking. A valid credit card or debit card must be provided. The $50.00 credit hold will be reversed on check out and can take up to three working days to come off your account. This is to allow for any incidentals or damage that may occur. 

account settlement

Payment for accommodation or any associated services such as Breakfast or Airport drop off etc, can be made by cash, credit card or debit card. Major credit cards are accepted including American Express, MasterCard and VISA, however we do not have a cash-out facility. Please note all credit card / flexi-debit card payments incur a credit card service fee of 3.5%. All room charges must be paid in full on arrival or prior to arrival. Flatbush Holiday Accommodation reserve the right to verify all credit card information supplied, temporarily hold an amount on the card prior to arrival and if needed a secure a bond during the stay. Post stay, we reserve the right to automatically charge the credit card, with replacement value, of anything broken or damaged - see our Breakages and Damages policy, and for anything unpaid while staying at Flatbush Holiday Accommodation.

Footwear / Shoes

It is traditional in NZ to take your shoes in carpeted areas when entering a Homestay so leave either at the front door or in your room. Shoes are absolutely not to be worn anywhere on carpeted areas.

Lost Property

For any lost property please contact reception on 09-869 5813. Lost property or items left will be held of one month only. If not claimed then they will be disposed of. You can request to have items posted back to you at your expense.

Cleaning and housekeeping

Please be aware that daily cleaning services are not included in your booking. Please contact us if you would linens changed if staying longer than a single night or if you want a daily cleaning service to your room. This will cost an additional $8.00 per day.

Breakages and Damages

All rooms are fully equipped with a standard inventory. Please report any breakages, missing items, or damaged property to the owners. We pride ourselves on offering good quality linens so if any bathroom or bed linens that become permanently stained from your stay - there will be a replacement fee charged. This includes blood or makeup stains on towels and/or bed linens.


Washing Machine - This can be used free of charge.

Dryer - If you would like to use the dryer an additional $5.00 charge applies for the dryer per use (per load).

Luggage storage:

Storage space is available. Please enquire directly and there may be a small charge for this service.

Children 2-14

We don't have specific facilities especially for children. A crib is available at an extra charge. An additional single bed placed on the floor, is available at an extra charge which will be located in the same room as two adults. Children over 14 are classed as an adult and require their own room. Infants (0-2 years) are welcome, provided they stay in the same room and all bedding etc is supplied by the guest if needed

Maximum number adult guests per room

The is a maximum of two adults per room, in the room fee. All rooms are set up and designed for two adults to stay. Any additional adults staying over are to book another room or in exceptional circumstances we may allow one additional family member to stay in the room at an additional fee of $35.00, however this needs to be pre approved prior to arrival


Pets are not allowed on the premises.

Unauthorised room access

Guests are not allowed in any other guests rooms, (Guests that they are not travelling with in their party) or noted private areas of the Homestay, without prior permission of management. If this does happen it will be viewed seriously and as a result your stay may be forfeited.

Party and Alcohol Consumption Policy


There is to be no parties on the premises

Flatbush Holiday Accommodation has a zero tolerance policy on parties being held in any of our premises. A party is defined as follows:

  • Any situation where the maximum number of guests allowed at the property is exceeded
  • Any situation where the noise level from the property is deemed to high thereby disturbing other people in the street or on the property
  • Any situation whereby excessive traffic to/from the property is identified
  • Any situation where it is deemed that intoxication is occurring
  • Any situation where it is identified that excessive alcohol is present

If any of these situations occur and it is identified that there is a party happening, Flatbush Holiday Accommodation (FHA) reserve the right to immediately request all occupants of the property, including the guest who has registered for the property, to vacate the premises.

If an eviction does occur then the registered guest will be charged for the nights’ accommodation and for any expense resulting from additional cleaning of the apartment , replacement of any furniture / fixture / fittings breakage as well as for any costs required for repairs

Alcohol on the premises

Whilst we encourage guests to relax and enjoy themselves, we do not allow for excessive levels of alcohol to be bought on to the premises. Excessive amounts of alcohol are defined as:

  • Multiple Cases / Slabs/ Cartons of beer etc
  • Multiple cases of sprits and wines

If a registered guest, or any person associated with that guest are identified as bringing excessive amounts of alcohol on the property that person will be requested to either:

  • Relinquish the alcohol to the FHA management for safe keeping when they leave
  • Alternately remove it from the premises permanently

If any person at any stage should be in breach of the policy and refuse to abide by the FHA requests then the person will be requested to leave the premises. If after the request to vacate for breaching these policies fails, and the person(s) refuses to leave then if will be enforced by security and the Police will be called.

Please phone reception between 10am to 10pm with any queries on the above.

Group Booking T&C